Robin Storesund   Graphic Design & Illustration


I am a graphic design professional with over twenty years experience in publication design and information graphics. Using Adobe’s Creative Suite and Apple computers I have created award-winning designs and illustrations for educational publishing as well as magazines in the travel and medical industries. As a Personal Trainer at Apple I work with people of all ages and skill levels, adapting my teaching methods in each session to best suit their level of learning. Listening and observing are paramount to achieving those goals.

Creatively, I enjoy the challenge of learning as much as I can about the subject at hand and expressing it visually. There are usually several different paths that can be taken initially, but almost always the best one stands out and I love getting “into the zone” when that approach becomes clear.

Recently I have begun working in Keynote to create slide presentations. It’s fun to use it to create opening title sequences
for my movies or short presentations that
I can put on my iPhone to use as a mobile business card.

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