Robin Storesund   Graphic Design & Illustration

Keynote Presentations

Who says a slide presentation has to be boring?

Pop Graphics

This was one of my first experiments in creating animations using Keynote.  It was an entry in the 2009 SlideShare presentation contest and I keep it on my iPhone as a “One Minute Business Card” to show samples of the various types of work I can do.

Can you recognize the cartoon the soundtrack is from?


A favorite way to use Keynote is to create opening title sequences for my movies. This one uses photographs I took of my father-in-law’s incredible tool collection. Know anyone who wants a few hundred hammers?

Passwords you’ll remember

I run into so many people who can never seem to remember any of their passwords, so I came up with this presentation to show some ways to create passwords that are unique to each site, yet still something that can be remembered.

Social Mavens

Part of a Keynote presentation for Social Mavens about using social networking in business.